Welcome to an outstanding, unique time! Just a moment. Isn’t it always said that history repeats itself because we never learn from our mistakes? This is a falsehood because at this very moment we are in a time of momentous change. How long will it last? Well, certainly for the next 10 to 15 years. Maybe the changes will not seem so intensive in the future, but we will all definitely feel them.

You have probably noticed that life gets faster and faster. However, this acceleration is not just an imaginary, it is reality. Even scientists have noticed. But they keep quiet about it as they have no logical explanation. They can only provide the public with understandable, proven, and visible facts. They have no access to the subtle, spiritual or metaphysical, and, therefore, it does not exist. And that’s it, it’s as simple as that!


I love the term ‘transformation process’, as it implies nothing is destroyed but only changed. This offers the potential of a positive transformation. All over the world.

But let’s start on a small scale. How are you?

  • Are you often restless?
  • rushed,
  • irascible,
  • impatient or overstretched?
  • Do you sleep badly?
  • Do situations arise which you were not expecting?
  • Do you have to make decisions which you have been putting off for some time?
  • Are you unhappy in your job?
  • Or in your partnership?
  • Or have you got financial problems?
  • Is your life upside-down?
  • Or do you not understand the politicians any more?
  • Why are there suddenly so many refugees?
  • And so much crime?


So far things have been suppressed, repressed, covered up or delayed, but this does not work any longer. Why? Because the energies inside us and around us have changed. They have become more pressing, demanding…forcing us to be clearer, more honest and clarifying.

There are different possibilities to squeeze these energies into a single pattern, which enables us to describe them, including the changes they entail. However, it is hard to describe an energy which cannot be felt, measured, photographed or recorded in any way.

One way of presenting it is the MAYA CALENDAR (1). It indicates for the period between 26th July 2016 to 24th July 2017 global energies which are called ‘CAUAC – blue storm’. During this energy period the following topics can be easily recognized and dealt with:

  • Tackling upcoming changes
  • Living feminine authenticity – being truly yourself, not playing a role
  • Coming from DOING to BEING
  • Not making half-hearted decisions; acting wholly or not at all
  • Setting borders
  • Clearing out (materially and emotionally)
  • Experiencing a deep connection to our feminine spirituality
  • Developing deep basic trust in our spiritual guidance

Every woman is in the right place in her life. This is not meant cynically. Our soul has led us exactly to where we can experience, clear, correct or learn what helps us on. It is entirely up to us whether we really decide to do it. And it is our responsibility.


Let’s take advantage of the tailwind the year of the blue storm provides! Let’s go!

(1) Maya calendar

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