For some time I have been looking for a funny-beautiful story for my last blog before Christmas and the New Year. Now I would like to share it with you. Wishing you a merry Christmas and a beautiful end to the year, and in between lots of time for yourself.

Lots of love,


PS: I am having a blog break until 5th January.

There has been a lot of work in the Christmas bakery for a long time before Christmas. And as the angels would not have managed their work otherwise, they organized an automatic oven for their bakery. This oven was able to bake gingerbread all by itself. And when all the angels fell asleep, tired and exhausted, the little oven kept baking in the Christmas bakery.

It was particularly good at baking gingerbread-houses and gingerbread-men. It was baking tirelessly night after night, and in the morning the angels were pleased to see the work done by the little oven.

But one night even the little oven got tired, and was just about to have a break, and rest, when it heard a soft voice form the corner of the kitchen. “Strange!” it thought. “The angels are all asleep. Who is that talking?”

He heard the voice again: “Phew, this is boring! Am I supposed to lie around here like that until Christmas? I can’t stand it!” The little oven was startled, and started to look around in the kitchen. Yes, lo and behold, one of the gingerbread men, who had been hung up at the table to dry, was frantically wriggling around.

“What’s the matter with you?” the little oven asked. “I have never seen one of my gingerbread men wriggle around like that, let alone, speak! Keep still, otherwise you will snap in half. You have not properly cooled down yet!”

Shocked the gingerbread man stopped wriggling, but of course he could not hold his tongue. “But I don’t want to hang around here quietly, waiting for Christmas!” he complained. “Just have a look at me. Don’t you feel like celebrating what a wonderful creation I am? I really want to dance, and sing Christmas songs!”

And when the oven took a closer look at the wriggly gingerbread, it had to admit that it had turned out particularly well. “Okay!” it eventually agreed. “Maybe you are right. The angels are all asleep and I could do with a bit of fun!”

“Great!” the gingerbread man shouted. “Then you have to bake me a gingerbread woman who I can dance and sing with, because you are much too heavy, and certainly too tired, to dance with me!” “A gingerbread woman?” the oven exclaimed in bewilderment. “I have never heard of such a thing! There are only gingerbread men! At least, up until now, I have only been baking gingerbread men!”

“But I truly long for her!” the gingerbread man begged the oven. And… this would make a change for you as well. Isn’t it boring only baking gingerbread men?” After the gingerbread man had tormented the oven for some time, the little stove was eventually convinced, and started its job.

As soon as its work of art was finished, it proudly hung it up to dry on the table next to the gingerbread man. But still, the gingerbread man was not happy. “If you could only decorate us like you do the gingerbread houses, it would be fantastic!” he said carefully. “Just imagine how beautiful we would be! It would be a piece of cake for you, wouldn’t it?”

Well, in the end, the little oven was even persuaded to do this. It chose blue icing for the gingerbread man, and pink for the gingerbread woman. “You do look pretty!” it exclaimed enthusiastically, when it had finished its work. “But now you have to sing and dance for me!”

The two gingerbreads didn’t need to be told twice, and together they sang and danced around the Christmas bakery. The little oven watched them satisfied, jiggling its feet.

When the angels came into the Christmas bakery the next morning, they were stumped for words. The oven, which was normally busy, was fast asleep. And what did they see on the floor in front of the oven, next to one of the gingerbread men? The thrilling sight of a gingerbread woman.

“Why didn’t we have this idea before?” they shouted. “The little oven has to make more of these!” And when it eventually woke up, it immediately was told to bake lots and lots of gingerbread women. “But please, put some icing on as well!” a little angel said delightedly. “It looks so pretty!” Yes… and since then the little oven has been baking gingerbread men and women, and icing them blue and pink.

And I am sure you can imagine very well what’s going on in the Christmas bakery at night when the angels are asleep 😉


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