When you again feel irritated by your menstruation, take a few minutes to read the following information. Try to get in contact with your body, and feel inside it. Even if you think your body leads its own life, it is always in harmony with you and your female primordial power! Maybe your mind tells you otherwise?


If this article on the topic ‘The Red Moon’ is the first one you have discovered on my blog, and if you want to find out more about the deeper meaning of your menstrual cycle (not from a medical point of view, but a holistic one), I would like to invite you to read part one and part two as a short introduction to the topic.

Now reflect: in what phase of your cycle are you at the moment?

  • In the first phase, the time between the end of your last menstruation and the next ovulation – OR
  • In the second phase, the time around your ovulation – OR
  • In the third phase, the time between ovulation and your next menstruation – OR
  • In the fourth phase, the menstrual period.

Maybe you do not even know what phase you are in because you are never really aware of your cycle. The following remarks might inspire you to watch your body, and its energies and emotions, more closely during the next menstrual cycle.


The virgin phase:

The energies during this female period are basically dynamic and outwardly orientated. We women are not subjects to the dynamics of conception, but only belong to ourselves. We feel confident, social, determined, and maybe even more ambitious than usual, and we can concentrate very well. This phase is suitable for starting new projects. It is the time of optimism and new beginning.

The mother phase:

In this period of your cycle – around ovulation – the energy changes. Whereas in the virgin phase we only belonged to ourselves, now the energy of our own self gets weaker, and develops into selflessness which is essential for possible maternity. Our sexuality develops into a feeling of deep love. We are easily capable of nourishing and supporting others energetically.

The magician phase:

After ovulation – when the egg has not been fertilised – our female energy changes again. We tend to look inward, become more aware of our mystical side, and remember our dreams more vividly. Our sexuality becomes powerful and our inner strength ardent. This energy helps us to express our creativity. As soon as we gradually approach the phase of the old wise one, our concentration may diminish, and we might feel discontented and unbalanced.

The old wise one:

During menstruation our energies are expressed on the intuitive level, often taking shape in dreams. This is a time of looking inwardly, retreating, relaxing, and slowing down. We should handle everyday life more slowly and have time for ourselves. Our sexual energy is as strong as in the mother phase (ovulation), however, this is not usually practised actively, but flows into the development of our spirituality.


Read my questions and try to observe your thoughts and feelings. Maybe you would like to write them down:

  • Do you take enough time for yourself during your menstruation?
  • Can you understand the different time qualities during the menstrual cycle?
  • Or do you only notice your female cycle on the physical level?
  • What feelings and experiences do you pass on to your daughter? How do you deal with menstruation?
  • Do the mystical aspects of the female menstrual cycle appeal to you, or do you only want to deal with the physical ones?

If you want to find out more about the energetic-spiritual side of the menstrual cycle, I recommend the book ‘Red Moon. Understanding and using the creative, sexual and spiritual gifts of the menstrual cycle’ by Miranda Gray. This blog is based on it.

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