As a fellow woman – and a sensitive one – I often feel the great dissatisfaction of women with their lives. Many do not feel themselves any longer. They decided in their childhood to detach themselves from their feelings. I know numerous women who have experienced horrible things in their childhood, and therefore, I am not surprised that they lock their feelings into an emotional drawer.

However, it would be so important these days to connect with our inner feminine power and wisdom again, which have accompanied us during so many incarnations. They have grown with our experiences and are saved within us. Instead, we deny our femininity (consciously or not) and subordinate ourselves (with gritted teeth, but sometimes unconditionally) to the dominant male principle.

Just because we have a female body does not mean we really live our femininity. Let’s think: we are shaped by a mainly male-dominated education system, survive in a world where competition, fight, ambition, power and performance pressure are part of everyday life. Do we really want this?

Most of the women I know are unhappy deep down in their hearts. They try to adapt or subordinate to a male dominated society. Some of them have risen to claim their suppressed femininity vehemently. But in doing so, they make use of male attributes, and behaviour patterns, again. Is this the solution we really want?

I think only when we women start to become aware of our inner values, abilities, qualities, energies and feelings, we will recognize that we are the complementary pole to the male. Only then we can rebalance the scales between masculine and feminine. What is there to be done? Let us watch ourselves consciously in which situations we show far too much masculine behaviour.

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